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Alex Chase started as a solo artist shortly after graduating high school. He wrote, produced, engineered, and danced under the pseudonym Mycr@ft.

During freshman year of college, he released his first EP: Odyssey and shortly thereafter Escape, a full length instrumental album which featured acoustic guitar, synthesis, and nature soundscapes.

His compelling baritone vocals are featured on his 2019 release: Shade, a multi genre work that twists and turns through the color spectrum.

“I wanted each song to stand out as its particular color. So I started writing each one without labeling what color it was until I was well through the writing process. That way I sort of tricked myself into letting each color materialize instead of trying to force it.”

Now he is back again with both a three track single Alex Chase, and six track EP nox. The single proves to be his boldest and most accessible work to date. The EP is filled with stripped down experimentation and raw emotional energy.

Alex is releasing a new album in 2020. Two years in the making, the work will focus heavily on electronic sound design and story.



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